Kasper interviewed by Nature News about SARS-CoV-2 genomics

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Kasper was interviewed in a Nature News article that discussed the cluster of SARS-CoV-2 mutations found in farmed mink and people in Denmark. Current data suggest that the mink mutations do not allow the virus to spread more easily or make symptoms more severe in people. However, culling the animals is probably necessary as uncontrolled spread in mink could eventually lead to dangerous mutations.

Yu-Han’s paper on characterizing the obesity metabolome published in International Journal of Obesity

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Yu-Han and colleagues combined untargeted metabolomics with genetics to identify metabolites that may be causes or effects of obesity. They further grouped these metabolites into pathways to highlight how distinct biological mechanisms may be involved in obesity. Their findings demonstrate the strong potential of using untargeted metabolomics and genetically informed causal inference (Mendelian randomization) to uncover causal biological connections between metabolites and various human diseases, especially as larger datasets with both genotype and metabolite profiling data become available in the future. Congratulations on the great work, Yu-Han!

Genoppi is a preprint on bioRxiv

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Our study co-led by @gretapinta, @flassen_, @yuhanhsu and @mjapkim, ‘Genoppi: an open-source software for robust and standardized integration of proteomic and genetic data’, is now posted as a pre-print on bioRxiv. Genoppi allows the seamless integration of proteomic data with genetic information from a multitude of public or custom gene lists to maximize the interpretation of protein interaction datasets.

Nadine’s paper on identification of new biomarkers for IBD published in Nature Microbiology

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Nadine’s work on identification of new biomarkers of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), under the direction of Ramnik Xavier in collaboration with the Broad Institute, Harvard School of Public Health, the University of North Carolina and Novartis has been published in Nature Microbiology. Fantastic work Nadine!

Find the digest here: https://naturemicrobiologycommunity.nature.com/users/346662-nadine-fornelos/posts/58611-gut-bugs-and-metabolites.

Find the article here: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41564-019-0655-7