Kasper and group presents at the annual meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research at the Broad Institute

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The Lage Lab and collaborators presented one talk and eight posters at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Stanley Center


From models to mechanism: Neuronal protein networks perturbed by genetics in psychiatric diseases –¬†Kasper Lage


#6. A unified web platform for network-based analyses of genomic data
Taibo Li, Johnathan Mercer, Joseph Rosenbluh, April Kim, Heiko Horn, Liraz Greenfeld, David An, Andrew Zimmer, Arthur Liberzon, Jon Bistline, Ted Natoli, Yang Li, Aviad Tsherniak, Rajiv Narayan, Aravind Subramanian, Ted Liefeld, Bang Wong, Dawn Thompson, Sarah Calvo, Steve Carr, Jesse Boehm, Jake Jaffe, Jill Mesirov, Nir Hacohen, Aviv Regev, Kasper Lage

#7. A scored human protein-protein interaction network to catalyze genomic interpretation
Taibo Li, Rasmus Wernersson, Rasmus B Hansen, Heiko Horn, Johnathan Mercer, Greg Slodkowicz, Christopher T Workman, Olga Rigina, Kristoffer Rapacki, Hans H St√¶rfeldt, S√łren Brunak, Thomas S Jensen, Kasper Lage

Taibo Li presenting his poster

#11. Complementary approaches for at scale generation of human neuronal material for proteomic analyses
Eugeniu Nacu, William Crotty, Alison O’Neil, Francesca, Rapino, Natalie Petrossian, Benjamin Tanenbaum, Edyta Malolepsza, April Kim, Monica Schenone, Jake Jaffe, Lee Rubin, Kasper Lage, Kevin Eggan

#12. Overview of human brain networks perturbed by genetics in psychiatric disorders
Edyta Malolepsza, Eugeniu Nacu, Natalie Petrossian, William Crotty, April Kim, Taibo Li, Benjamin Tanenbaum, Stephan Ripke, Taibo Li, Mark Daly, Kiki Lilliehook, Jake Jaffe, Monica Schenone, Kevin Eggan, Kasper Lage

#13. Time course analysis of CACNA1C protein interaction partners
Eugeniu Nacu, Edyta MaŇāolepsza, April Kim, Taibo Li, Natalie Petrossian, Benjamin Tanenbaum, William Crotty, Stephan Ripke, Mark Daly, Kiki Lilliehook, Monica Schenone, Jake Jaffe, Kevin Eggan, Kasper Lage


#14. Genoppi: a web application for interactive integration of experimental proteomics results with genetic datasets
April Kim, Edyta MaŇāolepsza, Justin Lim, Kasper Lage

#15. Bayesian multivariate analysis of RNA seq data to identify specific protein-protein interactions of the brain
Sandrine Muller, Taibo Li, April Kim, Edyta MaŇāolepsza and Kasper Lage.

Sandrine Muller presenting her poster

#16. BINe: selecting index genes for proteomics experiments and determining brain-relevant isoforms
April Kim, Taibo Li, Stephan Ripke, Eugene Nacu, Olli Pietilainen, Mark Daly, Kevin Eggan, Kasper Lage

Jakob Jespersen presented his work at the Center for Mendelian Genetics at the Broad Institute

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Jakob's Presentation


Jakob Jespersen, member of Lage Lab at MGH and the Broad Institute, presented at the Center for Mendelian Genetics Analysis meeting the Interpretation of missense variants using protein structures and features. Jakob explained that with a vast amount of exome sequencing data, it is difficult to identify the missense variants that may be implicated in diseases. While it is possible to crudely classify variants as “loss of function” based on observations such as the mutation being in a splice site, creating a stop codon or frameshift, it is much more difficult to determine whether missense mutations are deleterious or benign.


Since the Protein Data Bank (PDB) hosts information on more than 6,000 different human proteins, it is possible to add structural information to help the classification of missense mutations. Some methods are already utilizing features from 3D protein structures, so the presentation was focused on features that we can extract and calculate which are not in use yet as well as a computational tool set Jakob has developed for this purpose.


Enjoy the recording of the Jakob’s presentation in the video below (Sep 20th, 2016)

Presentation of GeNets by John Mercer at 2015 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics

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John Mercer was selected to give a Platform Talk at the ASHG 2015 meeting in Baltimore October 6-10 2015 – the largest genetics meeting in the world. John presented in session 25 “Powering Up Complex Trait Genetics” on the Broad Institute Web Platform for GeNome Networks – GeNets.

For more information about GeNets : GeNets

For more information about ASHG Talk: Powering up complex trait genetics


John Mercer presenting at ASHG 2015


Taibo Li named Best MIT Student in Engineering

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Today it was announced that Taibo Li was awarded the Henry Ford II Scholar Award from MIT’s School of Engineering. This award goes to the undergraduate who at the end of his or her third year of study at MIT has achieved the highest academic standing. Congratulations on this remarkable award Taibo.


Read more here: Henry Ford II Award for Taibo Li