Kasper is the managing director of the new Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Genomic Mechanisms of Disease at Broad Institute

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The Novo Nordisk Foundation and Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard are launching a new research Center for Genomic Mechanisms of Disease, an initiative that will accelerate efforts to mine genetic data for insights into disease mechanisms – and eventually rationally designed treatments.

Supported by a $47.5 million commitment from the Novo Nordisk Foundation, the Center will facilitate close collaborations between the Broad Institute and Danish researchers investigating the genetics and gene regulation of common complex disease, with an initial focus on type 2 diabetes and obesity. The Center will align with existing international efforts, data sharing, methodology, and tools to contribute to the roadmap of the International Common Disease Alliance, and working in common cause with investigators from other large-scale efforts such as the Accelerating Medicines Partnership in Common Metabolic Diseases and the Impact of Genomic Variation on Function consortia.

The research collaboration of the Center aims to advance patient-centered research and precision medicine. The Center will establish an exchange program to provide opportunities for Danish scientists to study genomic technologies at the Broad Institute. In turn, these collaborations will catalyze and contribute to expanding biomedical research in Denmark. The new Center will be directed by Kasper, who has played an important role in the planning and development of the initiative since it was conceived in 2019. His whole team is particularly excited and proud to be part of this exceptional research opportunity!